Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Capt Likes This Quote

From Into the Wind by Mary Van Ness, "Life on the sea is really no different from life anywhere else. There's just more of it."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 1 of 7...The Ultra Catalina adventure with Bob, Matt, Johnny Redondo and the Capt headed for Cherry Cove. Not a good start but it got better..

Parsons Landing, Catalina Island

First night in Cherry, Matt and J.R. went on a night free dive search for lobster. Mission accomplished. The steak and lobster was delicious the next day.

Our hike from Emerald to Parsons was highlighted by great underwater visibility, exploring a sea cave, and a vast variety of marine plants and animals.

One evening Captain Morgan joined the fun and the winds began to blow. We're not sure if it was the 9th verse of "Nesporado, Nesporado", J.R.s Ultrsa, mt white boots or the salami quesdilla, but Aeolus the God of Wind was ticked. There were gale force winds for the next 20 hours and we stayed put. Stuck in paradise!

The hike to the backside and Cat Harbor produced some great vistas, windswept seas, three bison and a wind driven water well erected in 1864.

We moved SERENITY NOW to the more sheltered Fourth of July Cove after an afternoon of football at the local watering hole. We deserved a restfull night. The trip home was uneventful except for the tradional mid-day gut bomb, Dr. Dean Ornishs worst nightmare. This was an ultra Catalina weekend.