Saturday, December 14, 2013


A trip to the San Francisco Bay area would be incomplete without a visit to Maverick's, Pillar Point and Half Moon Bay. As we walked north along the beach in the harbor there, we saw a sad and unfamiliar sight, a grounded sailboat. Shorelines and boats don't mix, kinda like water and oil. Maybe she dragged while anchored or the anchor rode broke were my first thoughts. We stopped to talk with a man near the boat. He was one of the owners of the vessel. Much to my amazement they intensionally ground the boat once a year to work on the bottom. Oh well, different strokes. Sounds like something they would do in Baja.

PS...We stopped at Sam's and had their lobster roll, possibly the world's best sandwich.

The local boats were selling beautiful looking large crabs for $6/lb. Each crab weighed  2-3 lbs.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Sailors Greg, Jack and I will never forget this passage. It was a time when crew, vessel and a higher power came together to get us safely to our next anchorage. Jack said in a recent email, "It is great to revisit those moments and remember the cold, the dark, the fear and intensity, the sailor brotherhood." WOW, WHAT A RIDE!