Sunday, April 24, 2016


Sailor Jerry and El Jeffe joined the Admiral and I for a sun-filled, rollicking afternoon sail. While the small craft warning flag was flying, the sea had a SW swell to it which provided a fun ride. Good times for the Nesporados.

El Jeffe before we departed the slip.

The Admiral bringing her home.

Sailor Jerry enjoying the ride.

Capt had it made in the shade.

Monday, April 18, 2016


With temperatures rising, it was time to get on the water and cool off. The Admiral and I had a pleasant time in light air and sunny skies.

Friday, April 15, 2016


After the pre-departure announcement by the captain, the stew crew buckled up and we headed out of the marina to sail the coastline of San Clemente. The gale warning flags were up but our weather was just about perfect. The American Airlines sorority told stories, laughed, and in general, had a fantastic day on the water. We even had a smooth landing!
The stew crew raised a glass in memory of Harriet.
1st Mate Diane.
Sailor Brinn.
Skipper Jo Ann.
Helmsman Brian.
The Admiral.
The cabin boy.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


The Nesporado Sailing Academy was offering Anchoring 101 yesterday and Pastor Roger, Crewman Jeff and Skipper Mark joined the class. It consisted of some technique, theory, terminology and hands-on experience. These three have scheduled separate vacations to the BVI this year and they'll need to know how to anchor. All passed with flying colors.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


A phone call, an email, a text and before you know it, four ex-Cal Poly jocks are spending a sunny afternoon on a boat in Dana Point. Actually, it was more like a Hall of Fame gathering with plenty of stories and laughs about the good old days.

Skipper Ron
Tim assured us this beats shoveling snow

Tim, Ron and Bill knew each other from high school. They all attended Lynwood and were on the '64 CIF Championship Baseball team. I met them my freshman year at Poly and immediately knew they were good people and talented athletes. At CP, Tim played baseball and football and really excelled on the gridiron as a running back and DB. He was the hardest hitter on the team and toughest guy I've ever played with. He would rather run over opponents than run around them. Ron, at 6'3', played third base, had super range, nothing got by him, great arm and could hit with power. Ron and I played the '67 summer in Bellingham Washington where he owned the town because of his all-star performance. Bill was a big, tall, hard throwing right hander who threw a heavy fastball and changed speeds with a good curve. He broke a lot of hitter's bats in South Dakota as a Pierre Cowboy where we played and roomed together the '68 season. All good memories. But one common thread kept emerging throughout the day, our coach John Scolinos. Coach was way more than just a coach. He was our mentor, our inspiration, a father away from home. He was simple but direct and had the respect of everyone that played for him. We now realize how blessed we were to have had John Scolinos in our lives during those formative years.

Bill had to leave us before we backed out of the slip. He was certain the motion would get to him out on the water, so we said our goodbyes and he was on his way. Tim, Ron and I proceed out of the harbor and enjoyed a sunny, light breeze day with plenty of additional stories. When we got back in and were ready to leave, Tim couldn't find his car keys. We checked and double checked bags, under cushions, on the floor etc., every conceivable place they could luck. Tim thought maybe he locked them in his car, so we walked up to the parking lot and sure enough, they were still in the ignition with the motor running! Another story for another day, Go Broncos!