Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Training Continues

The training continued last week out of Idyllwild. After a late start, because the capt. missed a turn, we hit the strenous and slow-going Marion Mt. Trail toward San Jacinto Peak. We didn't summit but made it around an 8 mile hike. The beauty and views are worth going back but make sure you have good directions!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The View From The Top of Half Dome Today

Congratulations to crewmen Bob and Matt for scaling Half Dome today. And thanks for the awesome pic. Now, let's go sailing!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whitney Training Continues

If you're not prepared, you're likely to fail. Who wants to fail their first attempt of climbing the highest summit in the contiguous United States? NOT US! So this morning we decided to do the San Juan Trail out the Ortega Highway. 14 miles later, in hot conditions, we made it back to the trailhead, sore, tired, ready for a shower but knowing we're getting closer to our goal...Mt. Whitney.

90 Years Young & Goin' Strong

Jackie, matriarch of the Riley clan, recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Congrats Jac!! NOW LET'S GO SAILING! Jac has logged more hours aboard Serenity NOW than any other member of our crew. She sailed the Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Catalina Island, moored in Cherry Cove and Avalon, and has made numerous day sails from Dana Point. The Admiral and the capt would like to thank her for being an important member of our crew.

Here's a pic of Jac and the crew, off the boat, putting on the Ritz.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Gloom...NOT

San Juan Jeff and Navy Joe were able crew on Thursday's last minute decision to go sailing. The clouds parted, the sun shined and the wind was blowing; a perfect setting for a fun afternoon. The SW wind at 15-18 knots mixed with the prevailing W ground swell and made for consistent 6-7.2 knots of speed over ground. No fish were caught trolling but at least we had a line in the water.

San Juan Jeff and Navy Joe enjoying a sunny So Cal sail.

Reaching down the San Clemente coastline.

Back to Dana Point Harbor on another close reach.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow, what'a ride!

There was a little snow that made for cool bottoms and wet pants.

The Devil's Backbone was narrow, slow going and we we're glad the wind wasn't blowing 30 kts.

At the summit, the victorious hikers pause for a photo shoot.

Another training day took us away from Serenity NOW but closer to our goal, Mt. Whitney. The Admiral, Jabbermouth and I hit the trail last weekend to hike Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio). Baldy is the highest peak in LA County. We started at 6100 ft elevation and ascended to the summit at 10,064 ft. Very nice panorama and we could even see our beloved Catalina Island. Our trip was eleven and a half miles and it was strenuous, tiring and exciting at times. The Devil's Backbone (ever wonder how things are named?) was slow going but we made it. Let's go sailing!!