Friday, April 24, 2009

Where In The World Are We?

Hawaii, Numotu,, it's Dogpatch at San Onofre. Sunday, family and friends gathered to celebrate Zach's (5) and Matt's (33) birthdays. A perfect day all around.

Serenity NOW...ouch!

Saturday, the Admiral and I were on a wonderful afternnon sail when we discovered a small leak. When we got back to our slip the leak was temporarily stopped to be fixed another day. Monday, while taking off the leaking hose, my hand slipped and was cut by a very sharp hose-clamp. "Serenity NOW' and a few more choice words were uttered while I tried to stop the bleeding. Headquarters were notified and the Admiral, the Commanding General and yours truly made our way to the ER. Nineteen stitches later the Captain is now on light duty but soon will be as good as new. This pic was taken 72 hours after the accident. Now, Let's Go Sailing!!