Sunday, October 28, 2012


El Jeffe and the Ranger yesterday bringing Serenity Now from Dana Point to San Diego Bay.

After months of planning and preparation, the time has come to cast off our dock lines and sail south. Monday October 29th will mark the start of the nineteenth annual Baja sailboat rally (Baja HaHa) with stops in Turtle Bay, Bahia Santa Maria and Cabo San Lucas. Today we attended the captain's meeting followed by a barbecue at West Marine. Fortunately it was a short walk from Serenity Now. We were joined by the Admiral, Jen, Sailor Sam and crewman JR.

The first leg is 360 miles. Our shifts will be 2 hours on, 6 hours off. If all goes as planned we'll be in Turtle Bay on the third day. Hopefully I can blog from Cabo, if not, I'll fill you in before Christmas.

Love you Admiral.

Adios amigos,

the capt

Sailor Sam and his entourage.

One happy crew a day prior to departure.
Sailor Sam and JR got in the spirit at the barbecue.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We made time for, what may be, our last trip to Catalina this year. Iffy weather turned us into Newport Beach Harbor for one night before we settled in Cherry Cove the next day. Warm weather and water made for a good time. We enjoyed an empty Button Shell Cove our last night.

Moving up the coast between Dana Point and Newport Beach.
Cherry was uncrowded and the conditions were excellent.
It's always nice to be greeted on our way home.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


At the end of this month Serenity Now will depart Dana Point gliding south to the tip of Baja Mexico. She will explore the east cape of the peninsula and then methodically make  her way back, stopping at coves (ensenadas) and bays (bahias) along the route.

The preparation has been extensive, exhaustive at times, but necessary for a safe and memorable voyage. Systems have been checked, rebuilt, cleaned and lubricated. Special equipment, extra fuel and water tanks have been added. The interior will be transformed from a comfy cruiser to a bare bones, no fluff efficient one. The cruising, weather and tourist guides have been studied along with the nautical charts for the route. Numerous waypoints have been inputed into the two GPS units. The prep goes on and on.

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years."... Abraham Lincoln

A special thanks to the Admiral for making this happen. I love you.

Monday, October 1, 2012


"So what have you been doin' the last 40 years?" We filled in the blanks during a casual afternoon sail. The weather cooperated as we sailed along at 5-6 knots covering nearly 14nm from the Dana Point Marina. You see, #25 and the capt played football together at Cal Poly a few years back. Once back in the slip, #50 joined us and the recollections and stories about yesteryear continued. It was a great time.

#25 and his wife Nancy. 25 holds the school record for most touchdowns (4) in a single game.

L to R #25, Nancy, #50 (notice the caved in forehead. That's from the game with NAU), Jeanne, the Admiral and the capt.

Topping it off with a bite to eat and more conversation.