Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The crew from Amsterdam arrived for an afternoon sail and dinner at a Mexican seaside restaurant. Seaman Cedric headed the crew which was made up of mama Amina, Opa (Amina's dad), deckhands Thijn and Thieme (pronounced Tine and Teema), the Admiral and myself. Sunny skies, light wind, lots of good things to eat and drink, plenty of conversation to catch up, all made for a wonderful day.

One happy crew: Opa, Amina, Thieme, Cedric and Thijn.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


It was the Skipper's pleasure to host two VIPs from Cal Poly's Athletic Department, Brian, AKA "Little Buddy" Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and "Professor" Paul, an Associate Poly Athletic Director. We were all set for an exciting day sail but mother nature did not cooperate. The fog never lifted and the wind was extremely light to non-existent. Oh well, next time.  Maybe "Gilligan" Gary will join us too.
Thank God for radar and the Admiral for insisting we have it.

The official 2017 Cal Poly Sailing Team Photo.
 How's this for an action packed sailing pic? 
The Professor showed us how the boys in Illinois tie up to a dock cleat.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


...your next scheduled colonoscopy. Why do you find this on a sailing blog you may ask, because colon cancer is hereditary and ALL Nesporados are at risk. So heed the capt's advice and listen to your doctor. They'll know when it's time for your checkup.

Worse part of the entire procedure is the liquid diet two days prior and this laxative the night before. 

Inside look of the capt's poop-chute. Staying ahead of the curve.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Jackpot flew in from Maui and the Ranger from Portland to attend this year's Nesporado excursion to Catalina Island on Serenity Now. El Jeffe and the capt rounded out the crew as Sailor Jerry remained home recuperating from some recent back surgery. Heal fast brother!

Near perfect weather conditions prevailed for most of the trip. It's hard to complain when the water and air are warm, the beer is cold and there's plenty of Danny's Dip. Well actually there were two complaints. One, the crapper pooped out. No pun intended. As jackpot said, "We can put a man on the moon but still cannot come up with a reliable marine toilet." And two, the fishing was disappointing. But the swimming, snorkeling, night dive, SUP and stories made up for it. Another great time for all.

Enjoying the water.

The official 2017 Nesporado group photo.

A little long board tow to start the day.

Kickin' back at Rippers.


Settled in at Willow, our go-to anchorage.