Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday October 30, 2010

Heading out in 15 knots of wind with 50+ miles of visibility.

Looking back at the coast.

The Admiral bringing her home.
On a port tack heading for the barn.

Mother Nature was at her finest today as last night's rain brought blue skies, billowy clouds, sunshine and a consistent 15 knot wind. After a memorial for El Jeffe's aunt, the Admiral and the capt ventured out for an afternoon sail. Super day from start to finish.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Start Me Up!"

Bill Steinriede "Steiny" 

1944 - 2010  R.I.P.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Days Nine and Ten: Emerald Bay

Our plan was to spend friday night at Emerald and then, the next day, move east and spend our last night closer to home. Harbor John made us a deal we couldn't refuse so we spent two nights at Emerald. Saturday we hiked to Parsons and snorkeled, and topped off our fuel and water at the Isthmus and lobstered. Sunday, after scrambled eggs and lobster, we departed at 8:30 am  and arrived in DP at 2:45 pm.

10 days, 10 nights, 331 statute miles, 288 nautical miles...Wow, what'a ride!

Emerald Bay

West end of Catalina Island

Pasta marinara languisto

Scrambled eggs with wild lobster

Fresh spiny lobster with rice and potato salad. 

This pirate didn't follow the rules.

Day Eight: Homeward Bound

The Broker dropped his brother off at Scorpion Bay and we weighed anchor at 9:40 am bound for Catalina. We were headed for the front side of the island because we needed fuel and water. One hour on-one hour off, shifts worked fine and we arrived safely at Emerald Bay at 7:30 pm. Lobster season would begin in four and one half hours.

Day Seven: Flying The Gennaker To Smuggler's

Sailing to Smuggler's was another awesome sail day. It also meant we were coming to the end of our trip. We needed to be close to Scorpion Bay to drop off the Builder the next morning and be on the south side of the island to shorten our passage to Catalina. Anacapa Island provided a memorable sunrise from Smuggler's.

Approaching the southern side with Anacapa on the horizon.

Smuggler's land mark is an olive grove that can be seen from miles away.

Anacapa sunrise.

The Builder being shuttled to Scorpion on the "Rocket".

Day Six: Pelican Bay

We continued our circumnavigation of the island and on wednesday set the hooks at Pelican Bay. All of our anchorages so far required a bow and stern hook. We were entertained this evening by a most fantastic aquatic bio-luminescence light show as a school of sea lions frolicked and splashed within the bay. In the morning we found a trail that took us to Prisoner's Harbor. Four plus miles of diverse and very scenic country.

Days Four and Five: On To Fry's

We said goodbye to Fourney's and were on to our next stop. We traveled clock-wise around the island so now we got our first glimpse of the north side. A swell was running so we passed on several anchorages and the Painted Cave. When we came upon Fry's, we knew it was the place to drop our hook. Sadly, later in the day, we dropped El Jeffe off at Prisoner's so he could catch the Island Packer back to the mainland. We spent two restful nights at Fry's. The first day there it was a cooker.

Our first look at Fry's.

The Builder surfed at Chinese Harbor while we fished.
The fruit of our labor, Santa Cruz rockfish burritos.

95.2 degrees in the shade.
El Jeffe managing the bow anchor.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day Three: Coches To Fourney's

The on-board log reads, "Great sail to Fourney's. Beautiful sunset. Bumpy night on the hook."  I was told Fourney's is wild. No lie. We moved the next day because capt doesn't like bumpy when he's trying to sleep. Fourney's is a beautiful area on the west end of the island. Definitely worth the stop. I'll return.

The broker in tune with the elements.

Builder at the helm.

We were cookin'. Full main and genny with 15-19 knots of wind.

There were some challenges in the galley when preparing our lunch.

I think this pose was for the Ranger.

 As soon as we were anchored, it was beach time.

 That's Santa Rosa Island in the background.

 Two bros watching the sun set, priceless.

Sunset over San Miguel Island.

Day Two: Next Stop Santa Cruz Island

After our hike around Santa Barbara Island, it was time to weigh anchor, swat flies and head to Santa Cruz. We would let the wind dictate as to where we would go. As time went on we decided to check out Albert's and Coches on the south side of the island. We dropped the hook in Coches for another enjoyable night. The next morning we hiked and explored the immediate area before leaving for Fourney's.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Two: Santa Barbara Island

Our first glimpse of land was Santa Barbara Island after leaving the Isthmus. There is only one area to anchor there and it was wide open. The only other boat anchored was well off shore. We settled in for the night, had dinner and and a tired crew enjoyed a good nights sleep. Our hike the next day revealed some dramatic coastline but the island itself was dry, brown and in need of some rain. Would I go back? Yes, but only in the springtime when everything is green and flowering.