Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day Three: Coches To Fourney's

The on-board log reads, "Great sail to Fourney's. Beautiful sunset. Bumpy night on the hook."  I was told Fourney's is wild. No lie. We moved the next day because capt doesn't like bumpy when he's trying to sleep. Fourney's is a beautiful area on the west end of the island. Definitely worth the stop. I'll return.

The broker in tune with the elements.

Builder at the helm.

We were cookin'. Full main and genny with 15-19 knots of wind.

There were some challenges in the galley when preparing our lunch.

I think this pose was for the Ranger.

 As soon as we were anchored, it was beach time.

 That's Santa Rosa Island in the background.

 Two bros watching the sun set, priceless.

Sunset over San Miguel Island.

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